Sunday, July 14, 2013


First of all, I want to clarify that Marshall broke down in Wyoming, not Montana like I said in my entry a few days ago.  I learned about my mistake when my friend Jane -- who lives in Montana -- called me this morning to find out where in Montana Marshall was and why did I mention Wyoming in the last post.  My apologies.

Marshall made it back to Denver in the rental car and is staying with a friend.  Tomorrow he has lab work done at the University Hospital and then he'll be home tomorrow afternoon to begin his fight with Harley Davidson about getting a new engine for the trike.

In the meantime, the lightning strike to our house is still playing with my brain.  The land line works one minute and doesn't the next.  The internet is bouncing on and off.  I'm writing this during a brief "on" period.  And on top of that my iPhone is acting all wonky.  I may have to drive to Pueblo tomorrow to have a talk with the AT&T folks.

We love living in these mountains, but those dry lightning strikes are dangerous.

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