Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finally, we got some rain

For the past three days, we have had an afternoon shower every day.  That was BADLY needed.  It is drizzling right now.  It's the talk of the town.  Everybody is overjoyed.

Yesterday Marshall went out and bought a 300-gallon water tank and today a neighbor came over and filled it for us.  He situated it outside right where the fire department could see it if they ever have the need to come up our road.  And we bought several more fireproof boxes for the important things.  We have a big stack of things at our door all ready to grab and run if we have to.

Marshall has been extremely fatigued the past few days.  It has been depressing him a bit.  Fatigue is going to always be part of his life because of the medications but it seems to have gotten worse, so we are hoping the iron supplementation will slowly help in that regard.

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