Sunday, June 9, 2013

Photo Shoot, Part 2

Yesterday we spent about 5 hours with the photographer who is taking the photos of Marshall and his bike for possible publication. It was a very tiring 5 hours, but lots of fun.

He met us at the place where Marshall stores his bike -- a garage off of an alley -- and he really liked the lighting there so we spent 3 hours there. When you see these pictures you will wonder what in the world we are doing in a spot like that, but he says he will change the background later.

Then he found a great place in an alley behind a 100-year-old building that was a car dealership back in the early 1900s. The windows were cracked, the brick was really funky and there were humongous red doors. You could definitely see the possibilities with those photos.

While I was watching I took some pictures of what was going on and I'm attaching some so you can keep these in mind several months down the road when you see the finals.

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