Sunday, June 23, 2013

Colorado Fires

The fires in southern Colorado are all around us (Walsenburg is 40 miles away, Royal Gorge is about 40 miles away, Texas Creek is about 27 miles away, Wetmore is 26 miles away, Colorado Springs is 80 miles away) and even though none of those fires will threaten us, they are showing us that southern Colorado's drought situation from the past few years is serious and dangerous.

We met with some of our neighbors today and explored all of the feasible escape routes if our area should have a fire. All of these routes (except one) require 4-wheel drive and a keen sense of direction.  I have 4-wheel drive but the sense of direction???  Not so much.  So let's hope that if worse comes to worse, Marshall and I are both home and he can do the driving.

We also have two ATVs and we spent several hours yesterday making sure they will start and that we have gas for them, etc., so that will give us even more escape choices.  I thought I was getting a little paranoid, but everyone around us is doing the same thing.

And for the past few days we have been gathering our important belongings and packing them up and putting them at the front door, very easy to grab if we have to leave in a hurry. We have also packed some suitcases and they are in the car. Better safe than sorry. All it takes is one idiot tourist throwing a cigarette butt out a car window.... and it is tourist season in Westcliffe.

Usually when we go up to the Cancer Center our neighbor Cathy comes over several times during the day and takes care of the animals (bless her), but she wants to stay close to home this summer so I've got a message in to our dogsitter to talk to her about coming over on those days.

Marshall has been having problems with his legs lately. His knees hurt (which we think is arthritis and I'm getting him some of those Ace braces to stabilize the knees). He appears to be developing varicose veins which are causing pain issues. We will discuss that on our next visit on July 9.

He is having some dental difficulties -- and one of the possible side effects of the Zytiga is jaw bone problems -- so he has an appointment with the dentist to check that out. And he is having vision problems, so we made an appointment with an ophthalmologist at the University of Colorado on July 8.

I got my "post-cataract" glasses and I'm not at all satisfied with my vision, so another doctor visit will be in the works for me.


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