Sunday, April 24, 2016

Third time's a charm??

I had my third pacemaker surgery this morning. The surgeon had a pacemaker rep in the operating room with us and they kept me awake enough that I could communicate and do a few maneuvers when they asked me to.

The cardiologist said that there is a "flap" leading to the heart that he thinks may have been interfering with the screw that goes into the heart muscle and causing one of the pacemaker wires to dislodge and while he had the incision re-opened he would observe it. (At least this is my interpretation of what he said....)

When I got back to my hospital room I was awake and felt better than I have felt in weeks and I don't feel any erratic heartbeats so I am assuming that that means the surgery was a success.

Tomorrow I think the pacemaker rep will come and run a few tests that will determine where we stand. And I assume (hope) I will be discharged tomorrow.

Stay tuned....

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