Thursday, April 28, 2016


I went home Monday after all, but it was pretty late in the day by the time the doctor did the discharge papers.  They had a lot of emergencies on Monday and the doctor (and the nursing staff) were swamped.

So Linda and I got home Monday night and I still felt wonderful. My sister has been making sure I don't do anything strenuous and that I'm following all the recuperation instructions.

I go back to see the doctor tomorrow for my post-op checkup and I am sure it will go well.  I haven't felt this good in a long time so I feel pretty positive that he will say that it looks good.  And then I will have another five weeks of recuperation before I can get really active again.

Linda's car is still in Kansas being repaired from her "interaction" with that deer.  It might be done by Saturday and then I'm not sure when she'll be leaving ... Probably early next week.  She's got quite a few irons in the fire back in Missouri and shouldn't stay away too much longer.  I have sure appreciated her help, especially since I had to stay in the hospital much longer than anticipated.

She's been doing a lot of cooking here and fixing great meals.  And we've been watching a lot of old movies, especially Errol Flynn (my favorite actor).

Today I got two checks in the mail -- refunds from extended warranties we had on the two vehicles I traded in -- and the checks were made out to just Marshall so the banks won't let me deposit them.  So tomorrow I need to get that straightened out.

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