Friday, April 22, 2016

Surgery is over

Got to hospital at 6:00AM. Surgery at 7:30. It went well. My doctor has a great sense of humor and so do all the hospital personnel. So there was a lot of giggling during the prep. For me, humor always calms me down so I went into la-la-land laughing.

Then I was taken to a room to recuperate and spend the night for observation. For six or seven hours my blood pressure was really low (83 over 50) and I got a lot of attention. But it is now normal again and except for a sore chest I am feeling pretty good.

My poor sister didn't make it to my house till about 9:30 last night so she was pretty tired but she got up at 4:30 to bring me here.

My left arm is in an immobilizing sling (the last time I got a very flimsy one) so along with that and my sister's eagle eye I should manage to not cause any problems with the pacemaker while everything is healing up.

That's it for now. Thanks for all the lovely messages.

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