Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Doctor visit

 Well, it turns out I definitely need another surgery to re-attach one of the leads and to put new batteries in.  If I can remember everything he said, here it is:

He said that the pacemaker is definitely NOT causing the little shocks/jolts I've been feeling.  When I asked for other possibilities, he said it could be nerves or it could be some long name having to do with the diaphragm.  I guess I need to do a little research.

He said that the left lead is working perfectly, it's the right one that's displaced.

He also said that the pacemaker is constantly "pacing" which is not ideal.  Most pacemakers sit back quietly and wait until needed and then kick in, but that mine never sits back quietly, it is always pacing at 100%.  I assume that is because of the loose lead but I could not think of all the questions to ask him until I got out to the car (of course)

Because the pacemaker is pacing at 100%, it is using battery power pretty quickly, so a battery that should last 8 to 10 years is only estimated to last 1.5 years.  If I did nothing at this point, I would be going in for surgery every year.

Now, with regard to the surgery, he said it is not an emergency but should be sooner rather than later.  He needs 5 or 6 days lead time in order for me to stop the Warfarin well before the surgery. I am to call his office whenever I have a time frame in mind.  I will be in the hospital overnight and then will have the same recuperation instructions as I had before:  one week to 10 days with my left arm in a sling and no driving, no lifting, etc.  And then 5 to 6 weeks of taking it easy.

On another note, Coco had a minor emergency on Friday.  He collapsed and couldn't get up.  I rushed him to the vet and by the time we got there he was okay again (as okay as he's going to get, I guess).  He is now on a muscle relaxer, steroids and painkillers, along with a few other things.  They make him tired and he sleeps a lot but he does not appear to be in any pain so I will just watch him closely and get all the cuddle time I can get.  It's so sad.  But I won't let him suffer.  He still eats, drinks, and gets excited about treats so that's good.

By the way, if I haven't mentioned this, Marshall's headstone is now done and has been placed at the burial plot that his sister Audrey procured.  We are starting to consider when we will spread his ashes at his headstone -- we are thinking we will do it in May or June.

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