Saturday, March 14, 2015

We are home

Yesterday Marshall had his last radiation treatment and we had a relaxing night at the hotel and came home today. The hotel bill was outrageous but we both thought it was worth it to make this whole two weeks more comfortable.

Marshall is now starting to wean himself off of the heavy brace he's been wearing while his spine surgery heals. And he will get started back up with physical therapy to build strength in his legs so he can walk without being wobbly. He is also almost weaned off of the morphine and he remains pain free. So it's looking like a "go" for a period of normalcy.

It was good to see our pets again. Coco is doing really well so that was more good news.

On Monday we head to Pueblo for an appointment with his VA doctor to kind of touch base.

March 17 will be the three-year anniversary of Marshall's biopsy confirming the diagnosis of Stage 4 prostate cancer. We will be starting Year Four off on a good foot.

I forgot to mention that the oncologist put Marshall back on the oral chemotherapy pill (cyclophosphamide/Cytoxan) to treat the cancer. Marshall was on this drug last year but it was discontinued when Marshall started having the back pain and they weren't sure what was causing it. So he will be on it again starting tomorrow. I can't remember if it had any side effects or not (or if we even realized whether or not there were side effects), so I have some research to do.

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