Monday, March 30, 2015


Today I decided to widen my search for a cardiologist and found a branch of the University of Colorado (with a cardiology department) located in Colorado Springs, about 75 miles away from our house. Marshall gets his cancer treatments at the U of C in Aurora, Colorado and it has a really good reputation. Also, when we were in Aurora in early February, I went to the emergency room there (for 12 hours) and had a bunch of tests done. Those tests are all available to the U of C in Colorado Springs. I feel pretty sure now that the symptoms I had back in February will be found to be related to the atrial fibrillation diagnosis.

So I called them today and have an appointment for next Wednesday, the day after we get back from Wyoming. I asked to see an electrophysiologist but the scheduler told me that one cannot just make an appointment with an electrophysiologist, one must be referred. So I will see a cardiologist first and if she agrees with the diagnosis of A-fib, she will refer me to an electrophysiologist. I am so glad I will be seeing a doctor sooner than late May.

Marshall's legs have really been bothering him. Could maybe be a side effect of the chemo pills that he is on?

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