Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Morphine withdrawal

Marshall is continuing to have pretty severe symptoms that we are pretty sure are still related to coming off of the morphine. The home health care nurse will be coming by tomorrow and they are going to talk about that.

But Marshall has severe insomnia (which is really tough because he takes sleeping pills), uncontrollable tremors, hot flashes, cold spells and pain, as well as others. He is really struggling with this. It seems like nothing will settle down, every day is something new to worry about.

The physical therapist came on Tuesday and got him started back on building his strength. And in the afternoon the chaplain from Humana Home Health Care came by and spent several hours with Marshall. This is his second visit and he really is more of a counselor when he's here than a chaplain. His visits have been very beneficial for Marshall and we've asked him to come by again.

Today I took Coco back to the vet for lab work and he FINALLY got a clean bill of health. He still has some small issues that we need to deal with but we don't go back to the vet for another six months -- unless, of course, we need to. For a 14-year-old dog, he's doing pretty good.

I tried to make an appointment with my doctor today (to get a good physical and see if I am having anxiety attacks or if something else is going on) and guess what! My doctor is now only working two days a week and he is cutting back on his patient load and since I haven't been to see him in a few years, I am no longer his patient. ARRGGGH. I'll try to get a referral tomorrow.

I have an appointment tomorrow to get a "mud massage." Not sure exactly what that is, but it sounded glorious.

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