Thursday, March 12, 2015


We both had a rough night last night, very worried about what today would bring.

We saw the oncologist at 9:30 this morning to get the results of yesterday's scans. The bone scan showed very little change from the scan back in October ... there was maybe one spot that lit up a little bigger than before but not enough to concern Dr. Flaig. And on the other hand there were a few spots that were disappearing.

The spots on the liver haven't changed a bit from the last time they were seen on the scans and they are so tiny it is hard to even find them in the CT scan. Dr. Flaig feels like they are nothing to worry about -- they could be hemangiomas, fatty deposits (which are common in patients with diabetes) or cysts. We will keep an eye on them.

The spots on the lungs are the same as they've been for the past three years and Dr Flaig says they are simply the lungs of an ex-smoker.

So based on the scans and the labwork, Dr. Flaig has put infusion chemotherapy on the back burner. He wants Marshall to go back on the oral chemo (cytoxan) for a few months to see if it works. Marshall was on it before but they took him off when he was having so many problems at the end of the year (which turned out to be related to the drug Dilaudid) and they took him off of the cytoxan at that time because they weren't sure what drug was causing all those odd and goofy side effects. Now that we know it was the Dilaudid we can resume what we were doing with the Cytoxan.

So we start the cytoxan again when we get home and Marshall will be monitored closely for the next few months.

This was all very good stuff. Marshall has no pain, he finishes radiation tomorrow, he is walking better and better with the walker and he has his head on straight again. We are back in the room right now and go back for the 9th radiation treatment at 5:00 today. Tomorrow at 5:00 we have the last radiation treatment and on Saturday we go back home.

Looking forward to seeing our "babies" again and hope Coco's little problem has gotten better.

Maybe we are in for a period of "normalcy."

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  1. Good to hear! Your story gives me hope. My husband was diagnosed in Sept. Doing well.