Sunday, October 20, 2013

We made it to Denver

We made it to our hotel in Denver and now we just wait (and try to stay calm) until tomorrow.  We have decided to extend our stay for another night because we won't be done with appointments tomorrow until at least 4:30 and we won't feel like hitting the road in rush hour traffic after a long day. So we'll be heading back home on Tuesday. Gina, our dogsitter, is wonderfully flexible.

Gina brings her dogs when she stays at our house so here's a photo of her dogs Baby (bichon) and Annie (toy dachshund), along with our dogs, Marlee and Coco, waiting for dinner. Our cat tends to approach this many dogs carefully so we couldn't get him in the picture.

We brought Marshall's power chair with us this trip so tomorrow will be another new adventure. Instead of driving the 4 or 5 blocks to the hospital, we are going to "walk." And no wheelchair to push in the hospital. WOOHOO!

I will post an entry tomorrow just as soon as we know something.

Stay tuned.....

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