Monday, October 7, 2013

Cancer Center today

Today was his checkup at the University. He had lab work and then we saw the Nurse Practitioner.
* his PSA went from 0.88 to 1.28 which is a very small rise and the NP said that quite often the PSA can "bounce" so it was nothing to get worried about

* all his other lab work came out in the normal range

* Marshall repeated to her his complaints from the last visit that he was exhausted, has a chronic cough, has thigh pain and knee pain, his legs get so weak that they give out, and he is extremely short of breath

* she went over his medications and said that the bone strengthener he is on (Xgeva) has all those symptoms in 45% of all men who take it so she is discontinuing it for now. That should have been an "up" moment because it is a possible solution, but he didn't even hear it. So they didn't give him the Xgeva shot today and we'll see if that helps.

* they took a chest xray today to see if anything was going on to cause the extreme coughing -- the xrays came out perfectly clear

* they are going to set up an MRI to check his spine

* they are going to refer him for a neurology consult to see if he has anything neurological going on

* they want him back in two weeks (10/21) to see the oncologist (we haven't seen him in several months) to go over all tests and discuss them

This was one of those days where he was depressed and scared and after pushing him all around the hospital in a wheelchair while trying to also carry my purse and a 20-pound suitcase (with all his medical records that I bring to every visit) I am ashamed to say that I simply did not have anything left in me to offer.

But we didn't go to bed angry!

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