Friday, October 11, 2013

Veterans Fundraiser

Marshall was invited (by Jana Bartlit) to display his motorcycle at a veterans fundraiser last night. So we got the bike prepared (polished it, drained the gas tank, disconnected the battery) to be displayed inside a building. And we drove up to Denver yesterday morning.

The event was at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. We got the bike there and got it all set up and then went back to the Bartlits' to get ready for the event. We had a great time, but it was also very emotional being reminded of the plight of many returning veterans. I believe the event raised a nice amount of money to help veterans. We took Marshall's power chair so he could mingle easier.

We spent the night at the Bartlits and this morning went back and picked up the bike and headed home. Got back around 4:00 this afternoon. I am happy to report that for this two days Marshall's pain level steadily decreased enough that he could get up out of a chair without help.

This photo is Marshall getting set up to display the bike and tell people the bike's story:

This is Marshall with Jana right before the event started:

This plane is displayed at the entrance to the Air & Space Museum and it is special because by the tail number, Marshall realized that this was an actual plane that he worked on during the Vietnam War.

Shortly after we got back, we got an email from the University that there were new tests results to view on our Health Connection website. I logged in and found that an additional test had been run on Marshall's blood draw from Monday, a test that they hadn't mentioned to us.

It was Chromogranin A-serum and Marshall's "value" was 1,665 and he should have been in the 0-95 range. Well, that sure didn't sound good. So I immediately consulted Dr. Google and learned that this test could relate to (1) cancer getting worse; or (2) being treated with a proton pump inhibitor such as Prilosec or Protonix.

Marshall had taken Prilosec for years and was recently changed to Protonix. Dr. Google said that if your Chromogranin A-serum is high your doctor will probably take you off of the proton pump inhibitor for a week or so and then repeat the test to see if the levels go back to normal. If they do, all is well.

I immediately left a message for the oncologist because I didn't like getting a message like this that isn't accompanied by some reasoning. We've got another week before we see the oncologist again and it will be a week of worrying myself to death. Hopefully he will call back on Monday.

And we have now made the appointment with the neurologist (Monday, 10/21) and we believe the MRI will be scheduled for this Monday or Tuesday.

We were scheduled to go to Chicago next weekend for my firm's 20th anniversary celebration but Marshall has decided not to go. So I will be leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday (so I can be with him for his appointment with the neurologist and then with the oncologist on Monday the 21st).

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