Monday, October 14, 2013

A flurry of upcoming tests

Today Marshall had a physical therapy appointment so while he was doing that I was on the phone back and forth to the oncologist's scheduler.

She said that this recent test that was done (Chromagranin A-serum) was concerning to the doctor. It could be elevated because of the proton pump inhibitor that Marshall is on, but it could also be an indication that the cancer is growing in a way that makes the PSA test less reliable. And since it would take 10+ days to get the PPI out of Marshall's system, the oncologist doesn't want to wait that long to re-test. Not to mention that 10 days without the PPI would be miserable for Marshall.

So he has scheduled a myriad of tests:
Tomorrow we will go up to Denver and get a hotel room
Then on Wednesday we check in at 7:00a.m., CT scan is at 8:00a.m., followed by the injection for the bone scan, followed by the bone scan itself. The we head to another location for an MRI.

On Sunday we go back to Denver to get a hotel room.

Then on Monday the 21st Marshall will see the neurologist at 10:00a.m., get more lab work done at 2:30 and then see the oncologist at 3:00 to go over all the test results.

Needless to say, all of this news has sent Marshall into a bit of a depression. I was scheduled to go to Chicago this weekend but I am on the verge of canceling it altogether. I will lose $800 (nonrefundable ticket) but that's the way it goes. I'm sure I'll be able to use the ticket for a future trip. I'll make that decision on Thursday.

If any of you ever watch The King of Queens, you will remember that Doug and Carrie hire a dogsitter to watch Arthur. Well, if I go to Chicago I am hiring our dogsitter to stay here with Marshall. She can take care of all of my boys while I'm gone. :)) [She actually is also a Certified Nurse's Assistant, so that will work out very well.]

Marshall's sister is coming to stay with us for the month of November. That should be a nice diversion for him.

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