Thursday, October 31, 2013

No news is good news!

Well, things have been going along pretty well. Lots of really good days where we've been out and about, going to lunch, being quite active and several bad days where he could barely move his legs (the lack of testosterone causes that) and had some nausea. And the pain has been quite a bit less.

Tomorrow we pick up his sister. She is coming to stay for almost the whole month of November. She will be pitching in to keep up with Marshall's medications and other needs and I will have lots of time to get caught up on tasks long overdue.

We have been thinking ahead to next year's fire season and decided to trade in our two ATVs for one 3-seater ATV that is big enough to hold both of us, the dogs and the cat and would enable us to take an "off-road" way off of our mountain in case our main road should ever be blocked by fire. It has a little "truck bed" that will easily hold two dog crates and the middle inside seat will hold a cat kennel.

Okay, we also wanted this thing because it will be tons of fun (see photo).

When Marshall was diagnosed, the oncologist cautioned him to be very careful with his bones. We were advised against going into the mountains with our ATVs because they would be very jarring on the body. Well, this new ATV is much more comfortable with a smoother ride which is great because it means that not only will we have another exit plan, but we can still do something that we both enjoy. Maybe we can't do the really tough rocky rides but there are plenty of smoother mountain trails.

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