Friday, October 4, 2013


I don't think I mentioned that on the way to San Antonio, Marshall tried to step up into the trailer that we were towing and his right leg gave out and he fell, scraping his right leg all along the metal strip on the door.

It was a nasty cut, but we cleaned it up and put a dressing on it and continued on our trip.

He fell again later trying to get up off of a couch and very slightly twisted his right ankle.

When we got home his right leg was looking kind of ugly -- the scraped part was inflamed looking and he had lots of bruising around the right ankle.  So we went to see Dr. Bliss, our primary care doctor.

It turned out that the cut had become infected so Marshall is now on antibiotics to see if we can fight the infection without needing any further attention (Dr. Bliss said we should have gotten stitches at the time of the fall).  With regard to the bruises, Dr. Bliss said they will probably get a little worse before they get better, but it doesn't hurt and it isn't swollen.

As we were leaving the doctor's office, Marshall had another one of those episodes where he can't talk or walk.  The staff got him back to their small emergency room and quickly got him stabilized.  After about 30 minutes they let him go home.  We still don't know what is causing these episodes.  The only thing they can suggest is that it is mini-strokes.

Also, Marshall has developed a really bad cough.  Coughing is a side effect of the Zytiga (the cancer drug) so he's gotten used to having a slight cough all the time, but it really got bad during these past two weeks.  The oncologist said to try Allegra so we have added Allegra to his monumental pile of pills that he takes every day.

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