Monday, August 6, 2012

The VA came through!!

We went to get the mail today and there was a package from the VA.  They approved Marshall's request for Agent Orange-prostate cancer benefits!  He is now considered 100% disabled and the monthly checks will reflect that.  There will be a retroactive check covering the time back to his application date in May.  This is awesome news and these benefits will provide a definite comfort zone with regard to the fear of medical bills overtaking us in the future.

These benefits will be good for six months and at that time they will re-evaluate to see if he's been cured and since the cancer is incurable, we have to assume the checks will continue.

This was really really good news!!

Note to Donna:  Your envelope arrived today and the paragraph about Marshall being around his family's grief last week re-triggering some of his own stages of personal grief was oh-so-right-on.  But we got past it and he is smiling again.  Thank you!

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