Friday, August 3, 2012

Party in Denver

Yesterday morning I picked Marshall up at the airport at 10:00AM and we checked into the Ritz Carlton in downtown Denver to pamper ourselves a little.  We had room service bring us lunch -- along with good bottle of merlot -- and then Marshall took a nap.

He had had a very emotional week in Ohio and was mentally and physically exhausted.  (But, all things considered, he did extremely well handling all of it.)

At 5:00 we went to my old office for my boss and good friend, Fred Bartlit's 80th birthday party.  The office is on the 8th floor and has a deck that wraps around almost the entire office -- the party was held on the deck.  It also overlooks Coors Field and the Cardinals (my team!) were in town playing the Rockies, so I wore my Cardinals jersey so I could cheer from afar.  It didn't work very well, the Cardinals lost.  To the Rockies. Oh my....

Entertainment for the evening was one of our Chicago partners doing his impression of Fred and it is so darn funny.

We had a great time -- see a few photos below.  After a few hours, Marshall started really feeling the emotional week he had had, so we left a little before everyone else and went back to the hotel and simply hugged for a few hours.  A nice ending to the evening.

Peter Bensinger's famous impersonation of Fred Bartlit
(in background: Liz Palenchar, Dave Garten and Catherine McPherson).
The birthday party group watching the "show."

Peter's impersonation of Fred getting the approval of Fred.

Coors Field.

Marilyn cheering on her Cardinals from afar -- obviously bringing them bad luck!

Phil Beck, Skip Herman & Don Scott (three of the firm's Owners); and Anita Garten.

The Owners of the firm: Phil Beck, Jim Palenchar, Skip Herman, Fred Bartlit, Don Scott,
 and Mark Ferguson (the little furry gal is Lulu, Fred & Jana's dog).

Peter Bensinger & Fred Bartlit (with downtown Denver in the background)

Party crowd with Coors Field in the background.

Marshall with Jeffrey Pawlak.

Our friend, Jana Bartlit, wishing Fred a Happy Birthday!

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