Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another visit to the motorcycle

This bike is going to be too awesome for words.  Pictures say it all:
On a piece of the fairing we have the Army Ranger patch to honor the military service of a very special friend.  It has the U.S. flag flowing subtly through it -- when this is clear-coated it will be so cool.

This is the fairing on the opposite side of the Ranger patch.

The fender is now done except for clear-coating.

The tank is completely done and clear-coated.

This will have more work done to it, but it is meant to be a replica of the Viet Nam Wall and includes the names of the six men in Marshall's unit who died in 1972.  It has Marshall's face reflected in it as though he is standing in front of the wall looking at the names.  There is a tear in Marshall's left eye.  There will be a flag flowing through this just like in other places on the bike and then it will be clear-coated.
This artist is doing a spectacular job.  He will soon start the back of the bike and it will include the AC-119 gunship on a starry night firing on an enemy truck; pictures of the men who survived Stinger 41 in front of the business side of an AC-119 gunship; and across the top of the trunk will be an eagle with his wings hovering over the United States in a protective stance.

On the way home, we stopped at AT&T and Marshall bought me a brand new iPad 3 with WiFi and 4G along with a bluetooth keyboard.  He got one for himself, too.  We will be up all night playing with them.  How fun!!

It was a really good day.

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