Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Everything is starting to come together.  The artist says he will be done with the artwork on the bike by Thursday, so the people at Pike's Peak Harley can start reassembling the bike on Friday and it looks like we can pick it up on Saturday.  Keep your fingers crossed that this schedule doesn't change!

On another note, the greenhouse  is losing its lure for me.  We had one big tomato plant that had about 10 big tomatoes on it and they were starting to turn red.  I was really looking forward to them and feeling very Farmer-Brown-ish.  This morning when I opened the greenhouse doors, the tomatoes were mostly gone, some partially eaten, and we have no idea what could have done that.  Since the doors weren't messed with, it almost has to be a small critter -- like a chipmunk -- that can get in through the small nooks and crannies that exist in a greenhouse.  Anyway, the disappointment pretty much took away my energy for nurturing these plants only to lose them at their peak.  Let's hope the onions and carrots make it.

I am now thinking of turning the greenhouse into a house of flowering plants.  That would be pretty, as well as calming.

I have a CT scan scheduled for Thursday to try and figure out what's going on with me.

Stay tuned for motorcycle photos.......

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