Saturday, February 6, 2016


Sorry it's been so long. I finished packing (finally) and got moved (for the most part) and started getting settled in. Took a trip back to Westcliffe to get some of the things I left behind. Worked at getting the animals acclimated.

And I haven't been feeling well. So finally yesterday I had six or seven near-fainting episodes and several more again this morning.

So I went to the emergency room and I've been admitted to the hospital. The doctor says I flatlined several times for as long as 6 seconds one time. So it looks like a pacemaker is in my future -- my very near future. I will be in the hospital until the pacemaker is inserted (and right now I assume that will be Monday or Tuesday). I hope that eases up the atrial fibrillation.

Anyway, I miss Marshall so much right now. He should be sitting here in this room with me holding my hand. I have some wonderful friends helping out with the animals and other needs, but I sure wish he was here, too.

I don't imagine I will see any doctors tomorrow (after all, it's Sunday and it's Super Bowl) so tomorrow will be kind of stressful. I am kind of scared.

I will update this as we go on.

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