Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hospital paraphernalia

Okay I feel like the bionic woman. I have a heart monitor hanging around my neck, an IV on my right arm, blood pressure cuff on left arm, pulse-ox on my finger and compression things on my legs. Going to the bathroom is a very involved process.

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  1. I hope this finds you healing, I have been thinking of you and wondering how you have been after the move and I was surprised to see how ill you have been. Take care of yourself and remind yourself that this is your time to heal in more ways than one. xoxox Terri

  2. I really appreciate your comment. I am starting to feel better and I really hope that upward trend continues. I sometimes think that I made the decision to move way too quickly. However, if I hadn't moved I would probably be dead right now because I probably would not have gone to the emergency room. So I guess I was meant to move! I have had enough energy the past two days to actually get a lot of unpacking done. Finally. Thanks again for thinking of me.