Thursday, February 11, 2016


Monday morning bright and early I had the surgery to implant the pacemaker. It went well. I had to spend the night for observation and I came home on Tuesday. I have to have my left arm in a sling to keep me from moving it in ways it shouldn't be moved for a few weeks. But other than that, I can resume activity "as tolerated."

And right now I'm not able to tolerate much. I'm having trouble adjusting to this new heartbeat and I'm also having trouble adjusting to the increased medications I now have to take. Not to mention the Coumadin (blood thinner). So I just feel weird and probably will for a while.

A home care person is coming in three or four days a week to help me with laundry, shopping, cleaning, getting my mail, taking me to doctor appointments, etc. I'm not used to that and I hate to feel so dependent, but I appreciate it greatly because I couldn't really do those things at this point.

It has amazed me how many people I know have pacemakers and I didn't know it. I'm getting quite a few messages from people telling me it gets better fast and that I will feel so much better. That was comforting.

I got my dog back today and I was so glad to see him again. We have been cuddling all day.

I want to say something to the caregivers who read this blog: people will tell you over and over to take care of yourself while you are taking care of a terminally ill loved one. But I know firsthand that when your loved one is in pain it is extremely difficult to leave him or her to go to lunch with a friend or get a massage or even take a walk. So I want to stress that you absolutely have to do it, even if it's hard. I believe that all of the health issues I am having now are a direct result of staying by Marshall's side and not getting out to take breaks. Please take this seriously.

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  1. Marilyn,

    I've following your "journey for some time as my husband was diagnosed with stage IV prostrate cancer a few months before yours. I'm sorry for your loss and I agree that you must take time for yourself during this terrible journey. I was home with my husband for the last 5 months of his life....he lived way longer than everyone expected and passed 5 days after his 58th birthday. A month after he passed I went back to work and immediately got the flu and missed 3 days, back to work for a week then came down with pneumonia and missed over a week ( I never get sick)...back to work then fell at my husband's celebration of life and badly broke my arm...off another couple of weeks. The world was definitely trying to slow me down... It really was not until just the last couple of weeks that I'm starting to feel like my old self again. Take care of yourself.

  2. I hope you are continuing to "heal" -- it's been about six months since Marshall died and I still have some really awful moments, I miss him so much. It is so hard to move forward and I very much hope that the hospice people were right when they said things would like start getting better after a year!