Friday, September 18, 2015

Chemotherapy cream

Today I started the chemo cream.  It's kind of scary because the instructions stress not to let this cream touch anything else but the spots you are treating.  But it stops there and doesn't explain how to go about your day with this cream on your hand.  I called the dermatologist today and, of course, I wasn't able to speak to her.  I spoke to a nurse who told me to wear a glove.  Then I called the pharmacist and he said oh, no, you should NOT wear a glove.  So I called the doctor back, got the nurse again, and she said to do what the pharmacist said.  Good grief.  But I still don't know how to go about my day.  What if my dog licks my hand?   What if I accidentally rub my eyes?  How can I do anything that I normally do in a day?

So I got on the internet and found a lady who is blogging about this very thing and her blog says that the cream is a vanishing cream and after an hour it sinks in and you can go about your business.  So I sent her a message and I'll get her feedback.

My generator still isn't working.  I find it so interesting that when Marshall was alive, if he called the solar guy with a problem it got addressed quickly.  But now that it's just me, when I call him, he says he's coming out and he doesn't show.  It's been three or four days now and I haven't heard a word from him and he didn't answer my phone call today.  It does not bode well for the winter months.  But I am very thankful that the past week has been very sunny and I have plenty of power.  Let's hope the whole weekend will be sunny,

I took Coco to the vet today and, for a dog that is almost 15 years old, he is doing well. But he has the beginning of kidney failure and we will try to hold it at bay.  She put him on a special diet.  Breaks my heart.  I sure need to have Marshall here to share this with.

Still no further word from the VA.

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