Thursday, September 17, 2015

Busy day

This morning I drove to Florence to pick up my prescription for chemotherapy cream.  I read the directions and the warnings said not to let this cream touch anything but what it's supposed to touch.  Well, how in the world do I do that?  If I put the cream on my hand morning and night how can I keep it from touching other things?  So I will wait until tomorrow and call the doctor for clarification.  I want to kill the cancer without killing my dog.

So when I got back home I tried to fill out the VA claim forms to get reimbursed for the chemo cream and I don't understand half the questions.  So tomorrow I will also have to call the VA and hopefully get some guidance.  I know half the world has to deal with things like this, but I'm not used to it so it is very annoying.  The insurance Marshall had was incredible and I miss it.

Marshall had three trailers -- one was to haul the ATVs that we used to have, one is to hau the ATV that we have now, and one is to transport the motorcycle.  I decided to sell the first one and I posted it on the Custer County Buy/Sell Facebook page.  I got a call this afternoon from a guy who came out right away and bought the trailer on the spot so now it is gone. Less clutter next to the house. I like it.

Then some more practice with the gun (I now have my own gun, a very generous gift from one of my neighbors...thank you, Dave!!).

Still no word from the VA on my claim for monthly benefits.  I am very anxious about this.  I watched Marshall fight the VA for 28 years.

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