Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A roadblock in the scattering of ashes

I finally got through to the cemetery this morning and was able to talk to the guy who knows all the rules and he gave me some disappointing news.  The cemetery does NOT allow the scattering of any human remains in their cemetery under any circumstances.

In addition, the only way they would allow a headstone to be placed at the foot of Marshall's mom's grave is if we can provide them with an affidavit signed by ALL HEIRS saying it was okay.  Isn't that ridiculous?

He said that "all heirs"would include wives, daughters, sons, grandkids, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, etc. etc.  It was pretty clear from that and by the fact that they did not return any of my six phone calls (today I got lucky and Larry himself answered the phone so he couldn't hide from me) that they do not want us bothering them.

So we need to regroup.  I will talk to Marshall's sister tonight or tomorrow and perhaps it would be acceptable to scatter the ashes in the coal camp where they grew up?  Maybe we could even put a marker of some kind in the old cemetery there.

Stay tuned.

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