Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Yesterday was fine until close to the evening when he started having really bad pain. It's awful to watch him in pain and not have any solution for it. My stomach goes into knots and I have anxiety attacks. But he took a Percocet (for breakthrough pain) and in an hour or so felt a bit better. And I took an Ativan. I'm taking them more regularly these days.

Today we went out to lunch and he did really well. We got home and watched TV together for a while but again he had really bad back pain. We are both on edge.

Tomorrow we need to go over to Walgreens and get his prescriptions in order again. We are sort of starting from scratch since he got home. The nursing home discharged him with 10 days worth of medications and no prescriptions so we had to get Dr. Bliss to write out a bunch of prescriptions for us before we run out. If it isn't one thing, it's another. It would be so wonderful to have a period of time (a week? a month?) of painfree normal life.

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