Saturday, January 17, 2015

Final Days at the Nursing Home

This morning I took Marshall on a field trip over to the Toyota dealer where we traded in the Prius and bought the Dodge Ram. It is an awesome truck. Marshall even took it for a drive so he is definitely feeling so much better.

When we got back to the nursing home, it belatedly occurred to him that my birthday is next week, so he started telling everyone he bought me a truck for my birthday! Funny man.

Then this afternoon, because of an issue with Marshall's roommate (he had been in the room all by himself until just two days ago) they moved Marshall to a new room in another wing. I wish he could have been in this new wing for his whole stay because it was very nice with very friendly people. But at least he will be in an extra nice area for the next four or five days until he is released.

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