Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lots of changes

First, Marshall just has to meet two criteria in order for the nursing home to release him: (1) he has to be able to prepare a meal all by himseslf; and (2) he has to be able to take a shower without help. They will be making that assessment any day now.

Second, the contractors are coming on Monday (at least that's the plan) to finish out our flooring. The master bedroom needs to be done. I've convinced Marshall that he needs to stay at the nursing home until the floor is done so if all goes well, he may be here by next Thursday.

And third, we realized that because of the weather this past almost two years, we have not been able to use the Prius at all. It won't work in ice or snow or mud and that's what our weather has been like. So we are trading it in for a snazzy red 2013 Dodge Ram Crew Cab Sport. We are signing the paperwork this weekend and hopefully the weather will allow us to get the Prius to the dealership to trade it in. Even taking into consideration the awesome 50mpg that we got on the Prius, it was just silly to have a car we can't use, especially since getting out of here on an emergency basis is more and more important.

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