Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cancer Center

We went to the cancer center today and Marshall's PSA is 33, so it has been holding steady for several months now. The oncologist said he wants Marshall to continue with his physical therapy and keep building his strength for another month before starting up with any cancer treatment again. So the only thing Marshall is on for the cancer right now is a quarterly hormone injection and the prednisone.

When we got to the cancer center today, Marshall was able to walk in under his own power and the doctors and nurses all came running to tell him how great he looked compared to past visits. It was so great.

We go back on February 10th for all the scans (bone scan, MRI and CT) and then we see the oncologist on February 12 to get the results of the scans as well as another PSA and then decide how to proceed. Dr. Flaig says he just might have Marshall go back on the Cytoxan (chemo pill) to see if it is still working. He says he doesn't want to move on to anything new until he is sure all the old stuff has failed. He feels that stretches things out and gives Marshall the best shot at longer life.

Marshall is very motivated now to continue his exercises when he comes home and keep building strength. He still has a bad pain on his right side. Everyone seems to think it's a muscle pain, but the scans that he gets in February will give us a better idea. He says the pain goes away when he lays down. It only acts up when he is sitting up or standing.

We are having some work done on the house next week. Assuming that Marshall passes his tests (preparing a meal by himself and taking a shower without help) he will be approved for release, but he is going to stay at the nursing home until this work is done. He should be home on Wednesday or Thursday. We are very excited about him coming home. But he will be going from 24-hour care to just me. Scary.

But today was a GREAT day.

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