Thursday, December 12, 2013

Visit to Primary Care Physician

Today was the followup visit to the primary care physician. He's been trying to get Marshall's blood pressure under control and it looks like we've had some success. We don't have to go back for two months.

And they drew blood today for the allergist. Trying to figure out why Marshall coughs and sneezes so much. We should have those results in a few weeks. In addition, the allergist put Marshall on three or four medications (over and above the million he already takes) to see if that helps and we think it has helped.

Then we got home and the oral surgeon called with bad news. One of the medications Marshall has been on (Xgeva -- a bone strengthener) can cause a serious jawbone problem if you have any dental work done while on the drug.

Marshall's dentures aren't fitting properly any more and we went to our regular dentist to see if anything could be done and he said the dentures have been adjusted as much as they can be adjusted. So he sent us to the oral surgeon.

The oral surgeon called our oncologist and talked about the possibility of simply cutting away some of the excess tissue on the roof of the mouth. He called us today to say that the oncologist advised against doing anything that could even come close to nicking a bone, so the oral surgeon decided he would rather not work with us -- he didn't want to take any chances.

So now I guess we'll go back to the regular dentist to see if he can try to adjust the dentures again, or maybe re-line them. Otherwise, Marshall may have to be toothless and he's not very happy about that. Send good vibes his way, please, that something can be done.

The psychologist called today and they had a session. When we go back to the hospital on January 6, we will see the psychologist together.

And as I type this, we are watching a Broncos game on this new TV. Awesome.

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