Sunday, December 1, 2013

Catching Up

Now that I'm back after a monthlong hiatus from my blog, I have a lot of news to share….

We had a round of tests with Marshall's neurologist and oncologist.  He had some nerve conduction tests -- and we are still waiting for the neurologist to call us with the results and diagnosis -- but the technicians performing the tests said that their preliminary opinion was that there is really no nerve damage causing the leg pain.  So what's causing the pain?  We will wait to talk to Dr. Ney.

The visit to the oncologist on November 11 showed that everything was still under control, cancer isn't growing.  The PSA went up just a few points which the doctor said was not concerning.  However, Marshall did have some depression issues and we will be seeing a psychologist who specializes in cancer patients later this week.

Marshall's sister Audrey was here for a visit for most of this month as well.  Our house is small, which makes hosting a challenge.  Marshall has a condition called "Involuntary Rapid Limb Movement" which makes it dangerous to sleep with him so I usually occupy the guest bedroom.  So while Audrey was here, she had the guest bedroom and I had a trundle bed in the bedroom with Marshall.  It was like camping out!  Getting to my closet was a challenge, but we made it work.

It had been so long since Marshall had seen Audrey and since she recently had been touched by cancer herself, with the loss of her husband Red from lung cancer, it was very therapeutic for both of them to have the time to reminisce and be together.  Audrey cooked Marshall quite a few of his favorite childhood dishes and she made far too many baked goods (pies, cheesecake, etc. LOL!).  I can't believe I only gained one pound while she was here.

Early in the visit she experienced altitude sickness and Marshall had to take her to the doctor.  But she got some medications and it got better.

We managed to have almost four feet of snow while she was here and she enjoyed seeing snow that stays white for days, unlike the snow in the midwest that turns black and sooty quickly and is kind of ugly.

Marshall and Audrey went sightseeing quite a bit and had a great time together while I got caught up on all the things I've been putting on the back burner.

Audrey returned home on November 26th, so it's just the two of us once again.  
Marshall & Audrey saying goodbye at airport...
All in all, with the good test results and the family support, it was a good month.  I have to admit, though, it was nice getting back to "normal."  

Marshall and I spent Thanksgiving at the Rainbow Lutheran Camp (this is our fourth year going there for Thanksgiving) and we had such a nice time.  Good food, good company, out in the middle of the woods.  Very very enjoyable.

I hope everyone reading this also had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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  1. I always read your posts, but I have a bad memory (lol) so I can't remember if you have ruled this out already. My husband is stage IV with bone mets too, and we assumed the leg pain and neuropathy was from the cancer. However, after going to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, we learned that at least part of the pain is from a back issue. He has some disks sitting on the nerves. He has been going to the chiropractor and has got some relief, although not as much as we had hoped for. I hope that your husband gets relief from the pain !