Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Allergy Clinic

Today was Marshall's visit to the Storms Allergy Clinic in Pueblo. He's had a persistent cough for quite a while now and the oncologist and primary care physician have both been unable to find a cause for the cough. So we were referred to the Storms Clinic and today was the day.

We really really liked this clinic and we really liked the doctor (Dr. Bowdish). He put Marshall through a bunch of tests and now he has to have some lab work done and they will see if they can come up with answers.

Marshall's visit to the psychologist is this Friday and since a bunch of snow is being predicted again -- and since I have a crafts show this weekend that I need to be here for and can't go with him -- Marshall may drive up to Denver on Thursday and spend the night with some friends to be sure he is able to make that appointment. It isn't critical for me to be with him for this appointment. Now I just hope there isn't so much snow that I can't make it town to get my table set up for the crafts fair!

He has had three or four really good days during the past several weeks, but mostly he hasn't been feeling really great.

Today when we were in Pueblo we went to Best Buy and bought ourselves our Christmas present to each other -- one of those 60-inch Smart TVs. It will be like a movie theater in our living room and should be lots of fun. We will probably need a college degree to just learn how to operate the thing!

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