Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fun days

The past few days have been delightful. Marshall has felt really good so on Saturday we went over to straighten up and re-stock our booth at the Marketplace Shops in Canon City. We did some shopping and had lunch. On Sunday we went to lunch at a new restaurant in town. This one is so promising. Their menu lists southern cooking and so far Marshall has enjoyed comfort food like fried green tomatoes, fried baloney sandwich and biscuits and gravy -- all delicious. Very different from all the other restaurants in town.

Yesterday we bummed around in Canon City again and today we cooked a meal together. We haven't done that in years. And since his diagnosis he hasn't been able to stand at the counter long enough to cook. So today was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow he has a dentist appointment to see if the dentist can come up with anything that can be done with Marshall's dentures.

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