Saturday, September 7, 2013


We have neighbors who have lived here for 20-plus years and they have NEVER seen a scorpion. Why is it that since we got here in 2003 we have seen about 7 of them? I get a little freaked out but since 6 of the scorpions we've seen were dead or close to it, I thought maybe they came with our house (which came from Texas) and they were dying off.

But tonight, our cat (Okie) was playing with something and when I looked down, I thought "well, that's a weird bug," and then I looked closer and IT WAS A SCORPION. Alive and well and moving fairly quickly. I don't handle crawly things very well, so I started yelling for Marshall who, as you know, moves very slowly these days. I managed to summon the courage to get a paper plate and keep the scorpion in one place until Marshall got there to kill it. Now I will think about scorpions every time I put on a pair of shoes...

And earlier today my cute little dog went outside and came back to the door eating a rat. There was nothing I could do. He ate the whole thing. I knew that within a few hours he would be throwing it all up. And since Marshall had been nauseous all morning, I went shopping and told Marshall I would come back after everyone was finished being sick.

On top of all that, Marshall still has leg pain and we are using painkillers again to try to control the pain.


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