Saturday, September 28, 2013

San Antonio on Saturday

Today we decided to try to get to the lively part of the Riverwalk (our hotel is at the very end of the Riverwalk and there's nothing going on here).
So we went out for a walk (me walking and Marshall in his power chair).  As he said, it's the first time he used his power chair "out in public."  And outside of going over what looked like a water puddle and finding it to be a 2-inch drop that caught the power chair, we did really well.  We found a Harley store on the Riverwalk and spent a little money and then navigated our way back to the hotel.

Marshall navigating the San Antonio Riverwalk in his Power Chair.

River Taxi -- we weren't sure if it could accommodate a Power Chair so we didn't try...

We got back to the room in time to shower and get dressed for the Banquet.  Tomorrow is the final day of the reunion and there will be a barbecue and then we leave on Monday.
At the banquet....

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