Thursday, September 26, 2013

San Antonio

We are having a nice time in San Antonio.
On the way here we stayed with a friend in Abilene who has a trike just like Marshall's (without the custom paint job!). We trailered the bike to his house and then he and Marshall rode to San Antonio together while I followed in the car.

The hotel was kind enough to let him park the bike right at the entrance so that the guys coming to his military reunion (the guys the bike is dedicated to) can see it when they come and go.  It is always a big hit.

Marshall is enjoying visiting with his military buddies. We brought his power chair so he is getting around better than he would have without it.  More and more of his military buddies were in power chairs this trip.
Gerry and Marshall - on the way to San Antonio from Abilene...

This year there were quite a few reunion attendees in power chairs -- they were discussing having a power chair race (Marshall is the one with his back to the camera).  They are talking to some guys from Lackland AFB.

Marshall might have been able to display his bike in the lobby of the hotel but the Orange County Choppers had first dibs.  This bike was created by the Orange County Chopper guy to advertise Black Flag -- a bug killer -- of all things.

Marshall's bike at the entrance to the hotel


We enjoyed an unusually cool evening (it's been so HOT and HUMID) on the patio overlooking the river.

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