Thursday, September 5, 2013

Doctor appointment

Today was the appointment with Marshall's primary care physician. Marshall woke up feeling really bad so it was tough for him to get to the car and then into the doctor's office, but he did it.

Dr. Bliss is going to set up the physical therapy; he also approved the discontinuation of Plavix and gave us a prescription for the Prilosec (which we hope will help the coughing, the nausea and the stomach pain); and we go back in two weeks to touch base.

When we got home, Marshall had to take a Percocet for the pain. He didn't want to do that and is going to try to not do it again, but it did help.

The guy came this morning to look at our road and he gave Marshall an estimate. So we are in line for him to come out and rebuild our road.

We are now on Day 8 or 9 of waiting for the CenturyLink guy to come out and fix our internet. I called tonight and was told that the weather conditions around here lately have caused a backlog in service calls. So we wait.....

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