Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nice visit with friends

Our Chicago friends, Sue and Stas', came in Thursday night and they stayed at the Bed & Breakfast in Westcliffe (called Over The Brim).  Boy, that place was absolutely incredible.  I can't believe I didn't know about it before.  It took pampering to a whole new level.  Marshall and I joined them for breakfast Thursday morning and since we were eating outdoors, she left fluffy warm blankets on the ladies' chairs.

She served something she called French Toast.  It didn't even resemble any French Toast I've ever had (or made) but it was incredible.

Then we brought Sue and Stas' out to our house and we spent the day catching up.

Thursday night we joined them again at the B&B for the evening wine and snacks.  Again, it was incredible.  They close down at the end of September for the winter, but it would be a great place for Marshall and me to spend the night as a pampered getaway.  There were little alcoves everywhere and 5 or 6 patios, some of them hidden, some with awesome views of the mountains, with flowers and bushes everywhere.  And the proprietors wouldn't let you lift a finger for anything.

Then Sue and Stas' left and we have started our packing and planning for our trip to San Antonio.
Sue, Stas', Marilyn, Marshall -- at B&B

Marshall, Sue and Stas' -- breakfast at B&B

Stas', Marilyn, Coco, Marshall and Sue -- at our house

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