Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A nice, normal day

We went to breakfast this morning like we used to do regularly; then I met three friends for lunch; and when I got home Marshall and I worked cleaning out the garage for a while.  Very nice normal stuff.  How good that feels.

And my job is helping me to stay very sane and normal as well.  I love it!  Fred went to Los Angeles for the Dodgers opening game (he was invited to sit in the Club Box) so Marshall and I watched the Dodgers game this afternoon to see if we saw Fred.  We didn't, but it was fun watching the game.

This afternoon, though, Marshall got a sore throat so of course I headed straight to the internet.  My research did not indicate that a sore throat could be a side effect of the hormone treatments, so I calmed down a bit.  We are assuming it's just a regular old sore throat and if it gets worse, he'll see the doctor at the clinic.

Tomorrow we're going to Pueblo for some appointments -- something else we did regularly -- so it should be another nice normal day!  I could get used to this.....

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