Friday, April 27, 2012

An active and tiring day

We are both exhausted!  We went to the open house for the new veterinarian this morning and were able to pass out flyers for Pet Project's spay/neuter program.

Then lunch.

Then over to the Share Center where we spent the afternoon distributing cat and dog food to people who are on hard times.  It was sunny, cool and very windy so we were outside on a beautiful day.  I think we distributed about 400 pounds of pet food today.

Then we stopped at a martial arts place in town that works with Wounded Warriors.  We wanted to see if they taught tai chi because I've read that tai chi would be very good for Marshall's bone strength and balance.  It turns out they don't teach tai chi but they offered him a stretching program which we may sign up for once the oncologist tells us what type of exercise he recommends.

By the time we got home Marshall was having some back pain and some rib pain in the areas where the cancer is but he said it didn't feel like bone pain, just more like twinges.  So he probably just needs to rest.

Now we are just being couch potatoes for the rest of the evening.

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