Sunday, April 22, 2012

A lovely Sunday

We went to breakfast this morning with some neighbors. A new restaurant opened in town called Maverick's and so far we are really liking it. They are experimenting with serving breakfast to see if they get enough business to make it worthwhile and we sure hope it works out. The choices down here are slim.

When we got home Marshall did some more Internet searching for a motorcycle (trike) and found a Harley that sounded good. He called the owner, who lives near Denver in Westminster, and the owner is waiting on one other person to come and look at the bike. They are coming from Utah so it will be a few weeks. He will call us if they don't buy it.

We also did more planning with our greenhouse and will probably get some tomato plants this week and see if we can actually grow something in that greenhouse. We have a LOT to learn about managing the temperature! Marshall felt good today ... except for the ever-present fatigue ...but the fatigue is better than pain.

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