Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Biopsy results

The urologist just called with the biopsy results.  No surprises.  It is an aggressive cancer.  I guess we were still kind of hoping for a little break, like maybe the cancer would at least be an intermediate one, but at least we now have the biopsy over with.  Dr. Maroni says Marshall will stay on the same treatment -- hormone injections -- for the time being.  When they stop working, they will move on to other treatments, maybe chemo, maybe clinical trials.

We go back on April 30 for another hormone injection and some lab work to see how well the first series of shots worked.

Even though this news was not unexpected, it was a bit depressing and we hugged and cried for a little while.  I have a feeling the rest of April is going to be tentative and then after we go back on April 30, hopefully we can get in a better frame of mind and start getting out and doing some fun things. 

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