Saturday, April 7, 2012

Laughter is a great medicine

We have been getting a lot of "breaks" in the what-ifs by watching the videos that were sent by friends.  Laughter is such a good medicine.

And my cousin Tom (who lives in Minnesota and who has been battling Stave 4 non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for five years now) sent us a book by comedian Robert Schimmel called "Cancer on $5 A Day."  I opened it up and started reading randomly and we laughed so hard we were crying.  And it's stuff that a person would not ordinarily think was funny (vomiting, mouth sores, and other yukky stuff) but somehow in this situation it is just side-splitting.

An excerpt:

During a hospitalization, I'm sitting up in bed, waiting for the doctor to check me out of the hospital, when the door opens and a man pokes his head in.

     "Mr. Schimmel, my name is Steve Blauner, do you have a moment?"

     "Jesus, I hope so.  Come on in."

     Steve has a head of shiny black hair that rests on his head like a dead animal.  Talk about a bad wig.  This guy's wearing a possum on his head that looks like it just came out of Earl Scheib.

     "I'll cut right to the chase.  I'm a wig salesman."

Another excerpt:

I see my doctor for a once-over and I want to mention my list of horrifying side effects, the worst of which, without a doubt, are the hemorrhoids.  They are killing me.  It's like Al Qaeda living in my rear end.  The door opens and the most gorgeous nurse I've ever seen walks in.

     "I'm Meredith.  I'll be doing your preliminary.  Are you having any side effects?"

     "A couple.  Minor stuff.  Nothing I can't handle."

     "Does it burn when you urinate?"

     "Me?  No.  Not at all.  Sometimes."  She wants me, I can tell she wants me.


     "No.  None.  Zero.  Clean as a whistle."

     "Okay, that's it, then, the doctor will be right in."

     Dr. Mehldau:  "So no hemorrhoids yet?"

     "Have you seen Meredith?  Then you know I can't tell her I have hemorrhoids. ... 'Hello, Meredith, I'm Robert, I have a horrible case of hemorrhoids.  Would you like to go out?'  I don't think so."


So you see what I mean -- a very funny book.  All of these diversions are really wonderful for us.

The jelly beans were great (thanks, Catherine) and the puffy stickers brought smiles (thanks, Tricia).  A neighbor plowed our half-mile drive when we had the two feet of snow earlier this week.

Today Marshall got on the treadmill for a while.  Weight bearing exercise is going to be crucial to his bone health during his treatments, so I was beside myself happy that he did that.

We are going to lunch with friends today and tomorrow we've been invited to the neighbor's house for Easter dinner.

God Bless all of you this Easter weekend!

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