Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Medication Mishap

This morning I woke up in a huge panic.  I realized I have not been giving Marshall his antibiotic!!  When he had the biopsy, the urologist stressed that an antibiotic was critical because the biopsy goes through some yukky areas and the risk of infection is higher than normal.  Marshall hasn't been in a frame of mind to deal with his regular medications (diabetes, blood pressure, acid reflux, and a few others), so I've been making sure he gets his twice-daily meds, as well as his insulin shot and whenever he needs a pain pill, BUT I FORGOT THE ANTIBIOTIC!  I cannot believe I did this.

I left an urgent message for the urologist's nurse.  She called back within 30 minutes and said that as long as he's feeling okay, and there's no fever, all is well.  In other words, I haven't managed to kill him yet.....good grief.  What a way to wake up.

View from deck
So after getting that fire drill out of the way, I let the dogs out and noticed that it snowed another six inches last night.  We probably got a total of close to two feet of snow.  Much needed moisture for our area ... the forest fire danger is really high this year because everything is so dry.  And it's especially nice when we can sit at home and look out the window rather than needing to go anywhere.
Yardstick on deck -- 13 inches

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