Thursday, November 20, 2014

Still in pain

Marshall is still in a lot of pain, but we have gotten on a good schedule of morphine twice a day and Dilaudid every 2 hours. I hope today shows improvement. But we are still working on the constipation caused by the opioids.

Marshall has been in bed and pretty much continuously sleeping ever since we got back from the Cancer Center on Tuesday. I wake him up for his medications and he got up once or twice and tried to get comfortable in the living room but he couldn't so he went back to bed.

Radiation is supposed to make you very tired so when you take the radiation on top of the medications, no wonder he is sleepy. But I guess that's a good thing.

Today I'm having Gina come up for the day so I can go and try to get his oxygen situation straightened out, as well as pick up prescriptions.

And in early December we are bringing his daughter and grandkids in for a three-day visit. He hasn't seen them in quite a while, and he isn't able to travel to Virginia right now, so it's time.

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