Monday, November 10, 2014

Depression continues

Marshall stayed in a depression throughout Sunday night. I guess every now and then the enormity of everything just hits him.

This morning a whole parade of doctors came through and they all said that they felt it was definitely not the cancer causing the diarrhea and nausea. They felt it was a combination of drugs and they made some changes in the medications.

This hospital is awesome. Almost every doctor or nurse who came in had thoroughly reviewed Marshall's chart and therefore could talk to us intelligently about everything that was going on. At Parkview Hospital the doctors never came in fully prepared. What a refreshing difference.

He was released around 11:00 and we went directly over to radiation oncology and he had his scheduled radiation treatment.

We came back to the hotel and he got down in the dumps again.

I went out and looked at a few mobile home parks. One of them was a retirement community that was just darling. Very nice homes on fairly large lots. I could see us living there. So I went to the sales office only to learn that they have a 2-pet limit. So back to the drawing board.

Another radiation treatment is scheduled for tomorrow.

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