Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bike show a huge success

On the way to Snowmass on Thursday we made a wrong turn and our 4-hour drive turned into an 8-hour drive through the most gorgeous scenery you could imagine. So we didn't get to Snowmass until around 8:30 and we missed the Grand Funk Railroad concert. That was a bummer, but it was still a great trip.

We spent Friday cleaning up the bike and getting it ready for the show. And we spent a lot of time looking at all the other bikes. There were a lot of events on Friday but we didn't attend any of them. The logistics just weren't right. The hotel went out of their way to be accommodating with regard to Marshall's need for his wheelchair plus wanting to ride his bike, so whenever he wanted to take a ride the valet guys would rush out and get the wheelchair and as soon as they saw Marshall pull back in, they rushed over with the wheelchair for him. You could not have asked for better service.

Friday night was the bike show. We learned that some of the judges were two Harley reps and the mayor of Aspen, but we didn't know who the others were. The Best in Show award was voted on by all the people who came to the show.  It was fun for me because I was watching the people.  I was sitting close to the trikes and no one knew who I was so I got to listen to all the people coming by to be sure they had the number off of Marshall's bike so they could vote for it.  And people would bring their friends by and say, "You've got to see this bike."  It was cool

Saturday we took a short ride and then Saturday night was the closing ceremonies. The ceremonies were in a large open area that was just grass, dirt and rocks. The wheelchair simply would not roll over this stuff. So three of the bikers (big burly fellows) practically carried Marshall in his wheelchair over to the stage. Unbelievably nice. But bikers are nice people in general.

Marshall's bike won first place in the trike category and then he also won best of show (or Peoples' Choice). It was a great evening. When it was all done, these same burly guys carried Marshall back over to the concrete where I was able to push him again. Marshall was beaming from ear to ear.

Marshall on stage getting his First Place award -- the guys helped him up the steps.

He's pretty happy with his awards!

Poor lighting, but the HOG emblem looks pretty cool reflected onto the wall, doesn't it?

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